21 February 2016 Paris, France Video by Chivteam Visuals by Timeboy
Get the scoop on all things music here: This short film produced by Red Bull Music Academy explores the technology and inspirations behind the Los Angeles-based producer Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus' new live show supporting his recent album, Until The Quiet Comes, which was recently released on Warp Records.
Shadows At Play - Chaya - a visual system by Timeboy & Daedelus Directed by fourclops + 2Nice Dance by Maya Guice In Video Visuals by Timeboy Camera by Skylar Wilson Playback Coordination by Dan Meyerowitz Special Thanks to Cameron Rath & The L.A. Fort "Flying Sail feat. New sinlge off of Elephant & Castles Forthcoming, full length, Debut LP!!

Various stage concepts revolving around the idea of using a light-weight and compact frame assembly. Similar to constructing a consumer tent, these stages would utilize tent poles and custom made fabric that would fit inside a small case, compact enough to store in the overhead compartment of an aircraft. Ideal for the artist who desires an expanded stage production without compromising mobility.

もはや完売必至! 衝撃の最新ライブ・セット『Hyper Cube(ハイパー・キューブ)』が遂に日本上陸! FLYING LOTUS 2014/12/5(FRI) 品川ステラボール OPEN 18:30 / START 19:30 前売 ¥5,940(¥5,500+消費税)(※1ドリンク代別途) more info:
We had a crazy Flylo listening party in Los Angeles. Here's me in front of my shadow-play installation. I programmed software to project visuals only in peoples shadows. Fun stuff! Video by: Grace Oh Music by: Flying Lotus - Siren Song Light Room
On the 9th of March 2014, three separate and unique events took place in Sydney Opera House's Concert Hall. Come behind the scenes and see how we pulled it all off! Ideas At The House hosted conversations with Four Thought and John Waters, whilst Music At The House presented the sublime audio-visual experience of Flying Lotus.
It was quite exhilarating making this film. NASA has released a huge collection of archived footage from the Apollo missions. I sifted through hours of 16MM film to find imagery not often seen...or talked about. Music: Darkstar - 'News From Nowhere' Edited by Timeboy